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Metal Recycling Japan

The only daily newspaper dedicated to the scrap metal industry in Japan, Metal Recycling Japan offers information on scrap metal markets and metal recycling. Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap market prices are published daily.
Metal Recycling Japan monitors the price changes and the shifts in supply and demand within the industry and the analysis we provide is widely respected in the steel and the non-ferrous metal industries.

Published : Daily (Monday to Friday except national holidays)
Size : A4 (9-12 pages)
Subscription rates : One year \81,000丆6 months \41,040
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Metal Recycle Monthly

Metal Recycle Monthly is a magazine overflowing with information about scrap metal. Topics of global interest, information about recycling, and explanations of recycling legislation are all covered. It also supplies information about the market for steel and aluminium cans, and the market for used paper.
Metal Recycle Monthly is widely read, not only in the scrap metal industry but also by the industry's regulatory authorities and by other companies engaged in recycling.

Published : On the 1th of each month (12 issues per year)
Size : Tabloid
Subscription rates : One year \33,000

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